Want to Start Making BIG Profits Flipping Houses, Instead of Dinky Little “Finder’s Fees”, WITHOUT the Hassles of Traditional Investing? Then You’re in Luck…


“How to Flip Houses    

For BIG Profits In 7 Days”


“And Without Landlording or Rentals, Rehabs or Their Hassles, Borrowing Money From Anyone in Any Way (So You Don’t Need Good Credit, Monthly Payments or Down Payments Either), And Without Kissing Up to the Agents, Brokers, Banks, Infomercial Guru’s and all the rest of the leeches and vampires that mislead, misinform, and

outright mooch away your profits!”


Dear Friend,


            By now I’m sure you’ve seen the Real Estate Market has CHANGED!


            Some areas are still heating up, while in others prices are soaring.


            Much of the low priced Inventory of houses is already gone, and as more and more Investors fight for fewer remaining deals, the prices are going through the roof!


That’s WHY I’m writing you this important letter…


            If you’re trying to get into Real Estate and do your first deal without all the hassles and pitfalls of landlording or rehabbing…


       … Or if you want to start cashing BIG checks from Pretty Houses (not those dinky little “Finder’s Fees” from Junk house flips)…


       … Or maybe you’re currently STUCK with a house – or even just afraid you’ll get stuck with a house – that just won’t sell…


       … Or if you’re in a Hot Market, where bidding wars break out and house prices are shooting up, or even a High priced market where those Junk house deals just don’t exist, then…


This might be the most important letter you ever read.


Quick, Before You Pre-Judge,

Here Is What This Is NOT About:

  • No Dealing With Junk Properties, and No Repairs Needed

  • No Tenants or Landlording of Any Kind- and No "Lease Purchase"

  • No Cash Required and No Credit Either

  • No Borrowing Money, From Banks or From Private Lenders

  • No Holding Costs, and No Monthly Payments of Any Kind

  • No Taking on Debt

  • No Owning Properties Long Term

  • No Need for Seller Financing or Asking the Seller to Keep the Loan in Their Name

Think about this…


            Did you ever notice that the BIG checks in the student examples and testimonials all come from NICE houses, NOT junk? The ones that are SERIOUS money. Like $30,000 or $50,000… even $75,000 or more from a single deal?


Now Just look around you.


            There are 20 or 50 or even 100 PRETTY houses – houses that don’t need work – for every one single solitary ugly, vacant, Junker. And pretty house owners run into problems and become “Motivated Sellers” too!


            When you add together the fact that there are 10 -20 TIMES more Pretty House deals, and hardly ANY competition, it all adds up to one thing I’ve seen over and over again:


80% of the Money Made in Real Estate,

Is Made On Pretty Houses, NOT Junk.


            It’s the 80/20 rule at it’s most profitable! 20% of the deals – Pretty House deals – make 80% of the money! So why focus on the difficult, low-profit deals, when BIG profit Pretty House deals are all around you?


            Now look at your so-called competition. Less than 1 Investor in 10 even knows about these “Pretty House” deals. They don’t even know they exist!


They’re all fighting over that tiny handful of Junkers!


            All that competition- for such a small number of properties- is driving Junker house prices through the roof!


            And now that the big Institutional buyers – the Wall street guys – have gotten wise to the fact that houses are the best money makers going, it’s only getting worse.


I feel bad for those Junk house guys, really…


            You know the ones - the guys who’ve been flipping those little “Finder’s Fee” type Junker deals

for years, and who still have to get up early and work late every single day, just to stay afloat…


            Or they decide to rehab them, and fight for the right to spend months fixing and dealing with Contractors and code enforcement and all that other CRAP that doesn’t make them a plug nickel!


            They don’t even know that those Pretty House deals – the ones all around them – even exist! So they drive right past dozens of beautiful, HUGELY profitable houses all day every day, because all they know is rentals and rehabs!


Look, I’ll be honest- I was that way once, too.


            My name is Jason Loucks, and nowadays I’m known as the creator of the “7 Day Sale” Method. I’ve taught thousands of Investors from beginners to experienced Pro’s and from all walks of life, how to flip these Pretty House Deals for Cash Profits in just 7 days.


            But years ago I started as a vitamin store clerk, so I understand what it’s like to barely make a living trading hours for dollars. In other words…


I Learned This the Hard Way…


            I started off in Real Estate buying rentals, because that’s what Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, and late night infomercial Guru’s told me to do.


            At the same time, I was working full time stocking shelves at GNC – the vitamin store – going to school full time to be a teacher, and trying to “sneak in” a little Real Estate Investing on the side.


            Talk about burning the candle at both ends… I didn’t get much sleep in those days!


            But instead of making a living – or even just “getting by”, I was LOSING $2,000 a month. Doing what Agents, Brokers, and Mortgage Banks taught me, I was going bankrupt!


Sure THEY all got their cut…


            In fact, the only person who WASN’T making any money off of all my hard work was me!


            I tried rehabs, too.


            After shelling out tens of thousands of dollars on every deal to Contractors and Money Lenders who were trained to scam me, I wasn’t doing much better! Every time I’d FINALLY sell a house, I’d make just enough money to pay off the bills I’d racked up to do the deal!


            Then I’d have to pick myself up off the ground, dust myself off, and do it all again, just to try to keep my head above water!


I Told You I Learned This the Hard Way…


            I struggled for years in the "rentals and rehabs" trap that crushes so many peoples' dreams.


My Real Estate Dreams Became a Nightmare!


            One day, I couldn’t take it anymore…


            I was emotionally burned out, financially broken, and spiritually at an all time low.


I said, “Never Again!”


            I couldn’t take it anymore, you know?


            I just flat out refused to do any more of “their” kind of deals.


            So I scrapped every deal I had on the plate and completely switched gears, focusing ONLY on the easiest, fastest, deals with no need for cash or credit, and no “long term” anything… I needed money to eat!


            I figured I’d just make less, be broke, but at least be a little less stressed out, and try to be happy.


But that’s not what happened…


            Instead, I discovered a simple, fool-proof way to flip houses for upfront profits without using any of those Old fashioned techniques!


            I used just one little trick to go from losing money every month, to making over $100,000 in the next 12 months in my business...


            …and in 6 months I’d dug myself out of the hole I’d spent the first 3 years digging myself into!


Life was great!


            I dumped the roommates, met my beautiful wife Laura, got married, and moved into a nice new house, and it looked like I was about to ride off into the sunset!


I’d love to tell you it was all “Roses and Sunshine” after that,

but that’s not how it went down…


            Instead, I spent many years struggling to build a “Portfolio” of properties. Looking back now, I realize I was still falling for the nonsense we’ve all been spoon fed.


            Every month, 90% or more of the money that came in, went right back out the other side in monthly payments, repairs and maintenance, and everything else. I was never more than 10% away from a total disaster! Some months I actually lost money.


            I had a decent “Net Worth”… On Paper. But I owned a LOT of houses!


And when the market started crashing… I was in serious trouble!


            I knew I had to find a way to get rid of all those houses, or I’d end up SUNK! Just look at all the people – even some of the “guru’s” who lost it all when the market crashed!


(Just as an aside – have you ever noticed that what seems like the worst thing that could ever happen to you often turns out to be the BEST thing? Funny how life is sometimes.)


Well, I tried everything you could think of to sell them.


            For all their talk, Real Estate Agents were a total bust.


            6% of my hard-won profits down the tubes, PLUS 6 months worth of expenses while I wait, and no guarantee of results?


            No thanks.


            And FSBO websites?  Hah! More nonsense… Pay out of pocket upfront, and still have to do everything myself?


            What’s the point!?


            And Mortgage Brokers were completely useless. No bank wanted to do a bunch of refinances, and even if they were willing to, I’d have just been that much further in debt!


            Ultimately, I knew this was a do-or-die moment for me, and for my family. I had to take a deep breath, roll up my sleeves, get to work, and crack the code to selling houses once and for all.


            I jumped right in. I tested ads, signs, postcards, websites, everything… most of it was useless, but once in a while something worked… I dumped what failed and rolled out what worked, and slowly, painfully, the pieces came together.


            Before long I figured out how to drive more people to an Open House than anyone had ever seen before, and doing it for pennies compared to other advertising  – or even for free!


            Then I figured out to how to get that crowd of hungry Buyers excited and ready to snap up the house at a great price!


We Had Full Priced Offers From Pre-Qualified Buyers

Whether the Market Was Hot, Flat, or Dropping Like a Stone!


            In time I even trained someone else to do the Open Houses for me, so I could focus on Buying

 houses, and the selling took care of itself, completely without me.


            Then the next thing I realized… I had sold off all those houses, and turned those liabilities into BIG fat paychecks!


            And that brought up the next hurdle…


            If I could sell houses to retail Buyers that fast, I’d need to buy them just as fast to keep up!


            It was a Real challenge. All of the old fashioned “house buying” techniques just plain took to long, or cost so much in terms of closing costs and repairs and payments and all that nonsense that there just wasn’t much left over at the end…


            Those deals were hardly even worth doing!


But Over and Over Again, One Specific Type of Deal

Kept “Popping”… For HUGE Profits!


            They were the easiest deals you could imagine! I’ll tell you all about it in a minute, but before I do here’s what you NEED to know about these…


“7 Day Buying Method” Deals…


1. They are Short term deals.


            I was in and out in just a few weeks in most cases. That means no “holding and hoping”, and no landlording, tenants, toilets, and all that nonsense, just quick profits.


2. They are VERY profitable.


            No dinky little “Finder’s Fees” here, we’re talking $30,000 - $50,000 even $75,000 per deal! Even more on High End or Luxury Homes.


3. They are easy, and don’t require much to pull off.


            No big deposits to worry about, no monthly payments – heck, no borrowing money at all! Even explaining it the Seller’s is easier. In fact, these deals are so “Win – Win” that you’ll make big profits on your deals, and the Sellers will LOVE you for helping them!


            Besides, you already know what a pretty house looks like.


            They don’t need fix-up, so you won’t be forced to estimate repairs and get ripped off by Contractors, or haggle with seasoned Cash Buyers or any of the other 10,000 things you don’t know – and you’ll pay dearly to learn- in the Junk House business.


            Look, you know the Junk house business has become hyper-competitive.

            Those guys are seasoned veterans at snatching up deals and squeezing out every penny of the profits, even from their “Deal Finders”.


But “Pretty House” Buyers aren’t seasoned…

They’re just regular people!


            They want a beautiful house to live in, and they’re pre-qualified and ready to buy when you give them what they want! That’s why they got pre-Qualified in the first place!


            Plus, since you won’t be borrowing any money, or even owning any properties, you can’t get “stuck” with a house! That means you make your own rules, and live life on your own terms.


            It also means you have the freedom to work when YOU want to, take vacations when you like, and enjoy your family time when and where you choose.


Like I said, I actually feel SORRY for Investors who don’t know this.


            They’re still working hard every day, still stuck at their J.O.B., desperately trying to make the old fashioned “rentals and rehabs” nonsense work!


            Or they’re still a rat on a wheel, trying to squeeze tiny profits flipping Junk house deals.


            Too many people have been brainwashed and misled by that kind of out dated stuff – which is still being pounded into them by Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, late-night Infomercial Guru’s…


            …Or Worse-internet forums full of wanna-be’s – every single one of whom has an opinion, but none are making any money…


            …and it’s exactly that kind of nonsense that crushes peoples’ dreams!


But I’m Just the Guy to Set You Straight!


            That’s WHY I created this special Training and Coaching System, called simply:


“The 7 Day Sale” System


            The name says it all. I know it sounds too good to be true, but the proof is in the pudding so they say, so I’ll show you…


How to Get All the Deals

You Could Ever Need to Flip!


Here’s How Simple It Is to Use My “Control Without Ownership” Technique:


            1. Run the “7 Day Buying Method” Advertising


            This could be as cheap as $3 per Seller, or even for free if you do it yourself. Heck, I’d made over a Million dollars before I ever even had a separate phone line!



            2. Agree on a low but believable price.


            Find their lowest price. I’ll tell you exactly how in just a minute.



            3. Use my “Control Without Ownership” technique to get the deal!


            And write it up using the  “Control Without Ownership” paperwork – it’s only one page, double sided – and it gives you the legal, moral, and ethical right to buy and sell the house.



            4. Sell it for a BIG Profit at Closing!


            The difference between what your Seller accepts and your Buyer pays is Cash at Closing to you, with no landlording, no borrowing money, no long drawn out repairs or contractor hassles, no closing costs. Just cash profits to you.


That’s Right, Cash Profits at Closing.


            Not rentals, not Owner Financing or even Lease Options.


            You’ll sell these properties for full price to a Retail Buyer and Cash Out at Closing, no matter how long you’ve owned or Controlled the house, and whether you’re market is Hot, Cold or in between!


            And when you sell it using my “7 Day Sale” Method, you’ll have a full-priced offer for the house within 7 Days from when you start.


            That’s a pre-qualified Buyer with good credit and a down payment to match, who will get a loan and pay you full price for the house.


How does that sound?


            Imagine how many houses you could buy or control if it only took you 2-3 hours of your time, over just 7 Days?  You’d have all the time you need to live life on your own terms, and still keep the Cash Profits rolling in!


And Here’s How Easy It Is To

Sell Any Property With the “7 Day Sale Method:


           1. Run the “7 Day Sale” Advertising…


            You can have this all done for you, or you can put in a little “hustle” and do it yourself if you’re just getting started. In fact, most of it you can do over the internet from your kitchen table!


            2. Hold an Open House


            Or have someone else do it for you… more on that in just a minute.


            3. Accept the Highest Offer!


            Let’s see… bigger paychecks, faster, and with less complicated stuff to learn. It’s a no-brainer!


            And with the dynamite marketing and advertising system in the “7 Day Sale”, you’ll have dozens, even hundreds of eager buyers look at the house in just a few days!


            It’s got “Jedi Mind Tricks” that sell houses built right in – like Bouncing, Anchoring, Herding, and several more you have to see in action to believe.


            And you don’t even have to learn this stuff… the system does it for you automatically!


            It’s without a doubt the fastest, easiest way to sell houses ever created!


            Don’t believe me? Well don’t just take MY word for it:

 Dear Jason,
…When we tried to sell this house before we used your techniques, we only got two people to show up to the Open House, and no one wanted to buy it.

      The secrets you gave us made the difference to have a successful sale in just one weekend! We had over 300 phone calls, and over 200 people come to the open house! 
I sold the house …for $210,000 and my Buyer is paying all the closing costs. We sold the house in 7 days just like you said, and we made over $81,000 on this deal! It went so well we are doing another one this weekend, and two more in January! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
- Pat + Doreen Martin, Spring Hill


           Pat and Doreen have gone on to be hugely successful, and it was the “7 Day Sale” that got them over the hump, and let them profit when they needed it most!


            It will do the same for you, if you let it.


            And selling houses though the “7 Day Sale” System is even easier than trying to struggle to sell with owner financing or lease/purchase or rent to own.

            It’s even easier to explain it to the Buyers themselves!


            Heck, most Qualified Buyers expect to pay full price for the house.


            Besides, do you really want to rent them out and deal with the hassles of tenants, toilets, maintenance and management for years, when you can cash out right now and take your profits in full?


            Just ask yourself:


How Much Money Would YOU Make

In the Next 90 Days If You ... 

  • Sold houses for Full Price, every time, in 7 Days?

  • Had a waiting list of Qualified Buyers who want YOU to find them a nice new home?

  • Got All Your Advertising Done For You, and the Calls Taken For You, Without You Even getting Involved?

  • Had an UNLIMITED Advertising budget - even made a profit before the sale, from someone else paying YOU to sell your houses?


            Look, if you’re serious about Real Estate, you don’t have a choice. You have to learn how to sell houses for top dollar, or you’re doomed before you even start.


            If you try to do it all yourself, you’re bound to make at least one of the dozens of mistakes that could totally destroy the sale.


            Heck, even ONE wrong word in your advertising could waste every penny you spent on it, and stop your sale cold.


            Not to mention you have to stay in compliance with the law.


            But when you use the special signs, ads, and forms in the “7 Day Sale” System it’s all done-for-you so you can’t fail! Just add the details of your property, add your phone number (or have it answered for you… more on that in a minute), and it’s all ready to print!


            This “7 Day Sale” System will save you hours and hours on each house you sell, and guarantee you never waste your time or money the way most folks do when they try and sell a house.


            Plus, it’ll make sure you don’t accidentally write something that will get you in hot water!  


Here’s Even More You’ll Learn in the Training:

  • How to Use the Internet to Drive Tons of Buyers to Your Open Houses- WITHOUT Using any Signs- So there’s no more worrying about Code Enforcement or “Kissing Up” to the Homeowners Association

  • $10,000 or More Each Month deposited in your bank account automatically, without your involvement, as proceeds from your marketing, EVEN IF YOU NEVER SELL A THING! Cashflow problems and holding costs are a thing of the past.

  • Your Buyers Pre-Screened, Negotiated With and Deposits Collected for you, while you focus on Buying more houses, or heck, sip Margaritas by the pool, if you like...

  • And Best of all, The House will NEVER Come off the Market Until the Loan is Ready to Close. So you never have to worry about a deal falling out of escrow ever again!

I can tell you from hands-on experience with Investors from all walks of life that…


Most Investors’ Biggest Fear Is

They’ll Get Stuck With a House

They Can’t Get Rid Of!


            How many deals have you passed up, how many offers have you not made, and how much money have you lost forever because of just that fear?


With the “7 Day Sale” Course

I Will Erase That Fear For You Forever.


            Think about it, if you knew you could sell and get out of any deal if you made a mistake, wouldn’t you be making a lot more offers?


Take a moment and think to yourself-


“How much money will you make in Real Estate when you

never have to make a monthly payment ever again?”


            For some, the answer is a staggering amount of money. For others, it’s the start of a whole new life of freedom and financial health.


            What’s your answer?


            Whatever your answer is now, it will be more after I show you how it’s done.


            And don’t forget, I’m not going to be loading you up with more work. In fact, I’m going to give you an entire “7 Day Sale” “Toolkit” that you can hand to someone else, and they can do all the hands on work for you.


            This will set your entire “House Selling Business” on Automatic, so you can spend your time truly getting rich.


            And once you know how to sell houses this way, you can sell them anywhere! Like Carlos Quirch, who was stuck with a house – and a BIG, high Interest payment every month.


            Problem was, Carlos lived in Florida, and the property was in Texas!


            Well Carlos ran the “7 Day Sale” Method from Florida, using his cell phone, and sold that house, got rid of a HUGE headache, and made $69,990 profit! This system turned things around for Carlos and his family in a big way.


           Here’s what he told me….


Hi Jason!

     I had bought a rehab deal and the Hard Money payments were eating me alive. I didn’t know what to do. I did just what you told me to do in your course, and I sold the house and made $69,990! 

     I was afraid my wife would have to go back to work after our son was born, but that's enough for her to take a whole YEAR off!       -Carlos Quirch, Coral Springs


          Is finding, controlling, and flipping houses in just 7 days enough to convince you to get started immediately with this incredible “7 Day Sale” System?


            If not, don’t worry - that’s just the tip of the iceberg. All in all, there are 5 sources of income from each “7 Day Sale.” That’s right…


Multiple Streams of Income

From Each 7 Day Sale


            Did you know that the people who DON’T buy the house are the biggest profit center in all of Real Estate? They are hungry Buyers who want to buy a house much like the house they just looked at!


            Here’s a million dollar secret:


It’s Easier to Find a House For a Buyer,

 Than A Buyer For a House!


            Once you learn my system for providing this starving crowd OTHER houses that are just what they’re looking for, they’re worth a fortune to you! I’ll show you how to match these hungry Buyers

 with their perfect house, and cash in.


            And when you see how successful students are making thousands of dollars with only $10 down and without ever borrowing money or even buying the house, it will be eye-opening to say the least.


If you didn’t catch what I just taught you,

Go back and re-read the last few paragraphs.


            They’ll unlock the door to getting truly rich.


            A door to which so many people never find the key.


            I know because I’ve watched what has happened in the lives of the people I’ve shared this with.


            As they free themselves from the Rat Race and their bank accounts swell, they get back the spring in their step, the excitement in life. And they can enjoy “the thrill of the chase” because they never have to worry about getting stuck with a house ever again!


Jason, On our first deal, we sold a 4 bedroom house and got paid $16,000 at closing! On my most recent deal, I made $18,876! Now we’re finding more houses we can sell to the buyers list we made! 
I can’t possibly tell you how this training has changed my life... it’s nice to know that even if something happens to me, my children and family’s future is secure.  I also take great pride in knowing that I’ll never have to settle for “average” ever again!- Mike and Kathy Garza, Palm Bay


            And that’s just the first of these revolutionary income streams. Next I’ll show you how to make hundreds of dollars off the Sellers who WON’T sell to you and the Buyers who don’t buy!


Hundreds of Dollars Each Week

That You Currently Throw In the Trash!


            Their information might be worthless to you, but to Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, For Sale By Owner Companies and many others, that lead is worth a FORTUNE!


            All in all, there are 37 different industries that will pay you big bucks for your leads once you’re done with them.


            It’s a six-figure income- $100,000 a year or more- and it won’t cost you a penny or an extra minute of your time once you see how it’s done! It’s what I call the:


 “Automatic Income”

A.K.A. The “J.O.B. Killer” Plan:


            It’s a Multi-Billion dollar industry, and I’ll show you who to hand these leads over to, and get them sold for big bucks, and the checks deposited in your bank account automatically.


            Which makes this Instant Passive Income For You!


            Imagine getting checks for hundreds or even thousands of dollars a week, paying for your advertising, paying for you to live life on your own terms, and that system running in the background for you like clockwork, while you focus on the BIG checks from flipping the houses themselves.


            It’ll be hard to go back to any J.O.B. once you get this.


            That’s not all. You see, “7 Day Sales” Events will generate a nice profit for you, too.


You’ll Get Paid Upfront For

Every “7 Day Sale” You Choose to Do…


            You’ll also see how to get paid $3,000 -$5,000 or more Up Front for each ‘7 Day Sale” you decide to host. And since it won’t cost anywhere near that much to advertise, most of that money goes straight to you as Up Front Profits to you before the sale!


            See Mortgage Brokers would LOVE to be there at the “7 Day Sale” during the open house to do Pre-approvals for those who want them. Every one of those Buyers are looking to buy a house soon, and they’re all going to want to get a mortgage to do it. That means big bucks for smart Mortgage Brokers.



Jason, Just a short note to say your system is awesome.  I have implemented it 3 times now and each time I have had over 200+ calls.  We caused so much excitement with the marketing that the local NBC News Channel did a special story on us!

 Your system definitely works…  I received $1500 dollars from a Mortgage Broker and $1500 From a Realtor just to come to one event.  The word starts to spread and they are all calling to take part.  I have increased my minimum event fee to $3000 each and I can still sell the leads!                 - Len Strickler




You’ll Make Thousands Going Into the Deal,

A BIG Check When the Property Sells,

And $1,000’s of Dollars, Even TENS of Thousands of Dollars,

From Those Folks Who DON’T Buy the House!


            You’ll be a better, happier, stress-free person once you gain the freedom, time, and finances to enjoy life, take trips, support charities and do whatever you want with the time, money, and energy that comes with flipping houses with the “7 Day Sale” System.


I’ll also share with you these


About Selling Houses- FAST!:

  • How to Drive 100’s of Potential Buyers to the House in 7 Days or Less, on Automatic Pilot

  • How to Create an $8,600 a Month Positive Cashflow in 90 Days or Less, Without Rentals or Owner Financing, From Deals You Currently Throw in the Trash.

  • How to Get RID of Any Problem Properties in 7 Days, and Turn a Liability into a Paycheck. This is the most important thing you can learn in all of Real Estate.

  • How to Eliminate All of Your Debts Completely, Even Your Mortgage, and start living Stress-Free in 3-6 months

  • Get Paid $5,000 UPFRONT CASH For Every House You Put Up For Sale- Whether you decide to sell the house or not!

This Is The Only Place

You Can Learn These Incredible Techniques-



            There is no other system on the planet like The “7 Day Sale” System. It’s changed the way Professional Real Estate Investors operate… forever.


            You’ve seen some of the testimonials from successful students, and you might be surprised to know that they were a lot like you.


            They had spouses, kids, dogs, and jobs, when they started, and now they’re cashing BIG checks in record time. Now it’s your turn.


 “Okay, Jason, I Know I Need This… How Much?”


            First, let me show you what you’ll receive when you take the first step to your new life and get started today without risking a nickel (more about that in just a moment).


Here’s What You’ll Receive

With Your “7 Day Sale” Training:


            This training is 4 complete stand alone training modules, so you can start where you need to first:


Module 1 – The “7 Day Sale”


The “7 Day Sale” Training-           


            Selling Houses – Fast and for Top Dollar – is the engine that drives the whole machine… and your profits. Just imagine the rush you’ll feel at your first “7 Day Sale”, when a crowd of ready Buyers eagerly floods in!


            This Course was recorded at a Sold-Out one-time-only Live Event, where attendees paid $3,997 to be there. Add in the cost of the luxury hotel we stayed in, airfare, food and travel expenses, and they paid $5,000 or more, at least.


            But you don’t have to travel to get it all. I laid out every secret, and I’ve left nothing out! Plus you’ll have one up on them, because you’ll be able to fast forward and rewind, until you absorb every last income-exploding secret, so you won’t miss a thing!                                                                                                                                                                                                                Value: $3,997


“House Marketing Kit” Ready-to-Go-


            Getting dozens, or even hundreds, of potential buyers is as much “art” as science. I’ve tested everything you could imagine, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, and I can tell you without a doubt what works, and what’s a total waste.


           I’m going to flat-out give you the complete “7 Day Sale” Marketing, ready to go, so you don’t have to waste time and money “testing” – it’s already proven to work best!


            There are 10 different marketing Pieces, each customized for three different Price Ranges, which equals 30 Different Customized Marketing Pieces Ready-to-Go!


            This is what gets 100’s of Potential Buyers to the House in 7 Days, and it’s a simple, easy process… IF you have this kit!                                                                                                                                                                             Value: $797


The “7 Day Sale Event” Kit-          


           This is everything you need to give to the Buyers, all the info they need to make the right decision to buy the house, and everything you need to say that will drive the sales price- and your profits- through the roof!


            The Buyer’s Information Kit, Sign-In Sheets, Offer Sheets, Initial Call Script, FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions, even the Final Offer Script… everything you need to do this right the first time, and every time.


            I’ve been through the fire and back again to figure out what gets people to offer more. So many people have tried this on their own and ended up with a disaster, because they don’t say the right things!


            You won’t have to suffer through that learning curve, because you’ll be using these proven info kit and scripts right from the start.

                                                                                                            Value: $897


Module 2-The 7 Day Buying Method”


7 Day Buying Method” Training-                            


            This is the simple, streamlined, and easy way to get all the high-profit Pretty House Deals you could want! You’ll also use it to tap into the BIGGEST money-maker in all of Real Estate- the prospective Buyers that didn’t buy that house.


            You’ll be able to quickly use my “Control Without Ownership” technique to get them exactly the house they want, and flip it to them!                                                                                                             Value: $697


7 Day Buying Method” Forms -                                


            This is every form you need to control pretty houses, including Options, Streamlined Options, and everything else to control and close these deals. And all of the “hypnotic phrasing” and protective clauses are built right in, so you’ll be able to lock up the deals fast, and deliver them to your eager Buyers  List, and do it legally, without acting like a sleazy Real Estate Agent.


                                                                                                           Value: $397

“7 Day Buying” Marketing                     


            This is how you get a flood of Motivated Sellers to call you with houses they want you to sell. In fact, I’m going to show you how to get pre-screened motivated Sellers to call you for just $3 each. I’m not talking about “throw it against the wall and see what sticks” leads, I mean “jumped through hoops and proved their truly motivated to sell” type of Sellers.


                                                                                                           Value: $397


“7 Day Buying” Scripts                                     

            All the things you need to say, at all the different times you talk to a Seller, to get the best, most profitable deals, and make it Win – Win for you and for the Seller, so they actually appreciate your help!


            Did you know that there are only 5 reasons why a Seller wouldn’t say “Yes”? You’re going to have the 5 answers right at your fingertips using these scripts!

                                                                                                            Value: $297



Module 3- Additional Streams of Income


“Additional Income Streams” Training -


            This is where you’ll discover how to make $5,000 to $15,000, sometimes even more from your marketing efforts. It’s the ULTIMATE “Income Insurance Plan”, and it guarantees you make a profit on every deal!


            You’ll see how to get top dollar for your Buyer and Seller leads once you’re done with them, and how to get Mortgage Brokers to sponsor your events for big bucks.


            It’s almost like free money, and you’ve got to see it to really understand it. Besides, it’s hundreds, even thousands of dollars you’re currently throwing in the trash!

                                                                                                              Value: $997


Income Automation Kit -


            Almost instantly put the whole “Additional Income Streams” part of your business on complete auto-pilot, and have your leads sold for you and the Event Sponsorship fees collected for you automatically, without your involvement!

                                                                                                               Value: $497


Upfront Sponsorship Marketing-


            This is how you get Mortgage Brokers and Real Estate Agents fired up and eager to pay you $3,000 - $5,000 or more upfront to Sponsor your events. Put it to work for you, and it will get those pre-event sponsorships for you!

                                                                                                                Value: $197



Module 4- “7 Day Sale” on Autopilot!


The “Getting Ready to Sell” Training and Kit-


          This is everything to make sure the house is ready to sell for top dollar. It comes with the training, and checklist you can use –or hand to someone else- to get the house ready in 5 minutes flat.

            You never have to worry you forgot something that will cost you in the sale!

                                                                                                               Value: $197


“Open House” Assistant Finder Kit-

            This will find your Sales Assistant for you on 97% automatic Pilot. They have to prequalify themselves, so all you do is pick up the phone and talk to a handful of already prequalified potential assistants, and let the cream rise to the top.


           It includes all the Agreements and Instructions you need to have people lining up to do all the Open Houses for you!

                                                                                                             Value: $297


The "Open House" Assistant Training Module-


            This Training Module will train anyone to sell your houses like a seasoned veteran! Simply hand it over to someone else, and they can do all the dirty work for you! It includes the “S.O.P.’s” – Standard Operating Procedure – to run the Open House, complete checklists, so nothing can be forgotten, and teaches them how to get the highest prices for the house!


            Imagine selling all your houses without ever even being there! That way you can focus on doing more deals, and free up your mind and spend your time getting truly rich. Plus, since they only get paid when the house sells, you never pay a single nickel out of pocket!


                                                                                                                     Value: $497



            The total combined value of all 4 training modules, all the “Toolkits”, the done-for-you marketing to buy, and to sell, the “Open House” Assistant, the Automatic Income Streams, everything you need handed to you on a silver platter, and almost all of it already done and just waiting for you to “fill-in-the-blanks” and put it to work…


… has a total combined Value of over $10,161.


            And when you put it to work for you, it’s worth many, many times that, of course. Heck, one little deal will double triple, maybe even 5-10 times that.


But that’s not all…


            I had to think about this for a long time, because I don’t like to have my time wasted. But since you’re reading this, and you know you want to do this, to make this simple and relaxed for you, if you take action and get started today, I’ll take the plunge with you!


You and Me, One-on-One,

Take-You-By-the-Hand Coaching!


           This life-changing Take-You-By-the-Hand Coaching starts right here:


#1: The “Dream Life” Training-


           First things first, I’ll show you exactly how to Map Out your success. We’ll figure out where you are now, decide where you want to get to, how much or little you want to work, and then I’ll show you step by step how to achieve it!


            Did you know that 97% of getting what you want is knowing what it is?


            And this training is a step-by-step plan to achieve it.

                                                                                                          Value: $897


#2: The Fast Start Interview-


            This is the Interview I did, laying out EXACTLY step-by-step, what to do first, second, third to launch your Real Estate business and yourself into high gear.


            Whether you’ve got a house you need to get rid of yesterday, or you need to get your first deal done, and a big checks for your efforts right away, this will show you what to do first, and where to start.                                                                                                                                         Value: $197



#3:            One-on-One Coaching Session with ME PERSONALLY!


           I had to think hard before doing this, because I usually get $1,500 per hour for One-on-One Coaching, but I want you to be absolutely sure you have everything you need to smash any “roadblocks”.


            This type of call has been a turning point for a lot of people, because they get on the phone with me, tell me where they’re at and what problems they’re having, and I can solve those problems for them in a snap! I normally get $1,500 but once we fin out what’s holding you back and smash through it, the value to my students is incredible…   

                                                                                                            Value: $1,500



#4: 7 Day Sale Members-ONLY Hotline!!!


            Have you ever been paralyzed by a seemingly simple decision? Or have you ever been afraid to take action because you were afraid to make a mistake? Well not anymore!


            Saving you from that kind of stress is why I created my “7 Day Sale Member’s ONLY” Question and Answer Hotline!


            Just call in and my own house sellers will answer your 7 Day Sale questions, to make 100% sure you’re cool, confident, and successful!


            Sometimes just one simple answer, a tiny change, can get you top dollar, or save you from a mistake that would have destroyed everything you’re trying to accomplish.


            This kind of unprecedented access to my team (and me, if they’re out making me some money :) has cost $97 a month in the past, but you get a year – 12 full months – absolutely free!

                                                                                                          Value: $1,164

#5: Your own personal…


“7 Day Sale Marketing Review!”

            ONLY for the people who respond through this incredible offer, I’ll include a special “Inner Circle” Certificate that will let you send me a copy of your Marketing before your next 7 Day Sale, and I’ll personally look it over, rewrite it if necessary, and tell you how to create an absolute FLOOD of people to your sale, and how to maximize the amount of money you’re about to make!


            If this is your first deal, and you really need to make a profit, I’ll make sure the sale goes smoothly for you. Or if you have a “problem” property that just won’t go away, this is the ULTIMATE solution.                                                                                                                                        Value: $1,500


            The “Take-You By-The-Hand” One-on-One Coaching, “Fast Start” Training, “Dream Life” Course,  12 Months Q+A Hotline, and Your Own Personal “7 Day Sale” Marketing Review, all combined that’s…


Over $5,255 in Coaching and Bonus Training

And You Get It All… FREE!


            If you’re thinking, “Ok, Ok, I’m In! How MUCH?”


            Let’s see what your choices are. If you sell your houses through a real estate agent, they’ll charge you 6% on every house they sell for you.


            That’s about $15,000 for every $250,000 house, plus six months or more of bills while you wait for it to sell. And you’ll have to pay that on every deal you do for the rest of your career.


I’ll be showing you how to do it without EVER paying a commission.


            And I don’t require even a fraction of that much money.


            If you try to do it yourself and it takes six months to sell your house, that’s 6 mortgage payments, 6 months taxes, insurance, maintenance and utilities. Add all of that up and even on a cheap house you’re looking at $10,000 to $20,000 or more. That’s just a total waste.

This won’t cost you anywhere near that much.


            In fact, this entire Training and Coaching Package, The Complete “7 Day Sale” Training and Coaching, even the Live Bootcamp, will only cost you only $499 to start, and 3 more payments each 30 days apart.


            Or if you prefer, you can save nearly $500 and get it all today for just $1,497 if you order now through this special Limited Time Offer.


          That's less than 1 monthly payment or one set of closing costs you'll never have to pay because you'll never get stuck with a house ever again, and less than 1/10thof what a Realtor will charge you for one average house, and it’ll make and save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in your lifetime.


            Heck, if you’ve got a house you want to sell anyway, you could use this to sell it, and get your entire business start up, education, everything paid for, for a tiny fraction of what you’d pay an agent.


If you bought just one house, even your own house, using

This System, you’ll make or save yourself over 10 times your investment.


            More important is the fact that each day that goes by while you try driving toward wealth with the brakes on takes its toll on you. It is very tiring to struggle, especially when you’re struggling against yourself!



Here’s How to Reserve Your

“7 Day Sale” System Package


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            The information in this Course is so breakthrough, so different from what everyone else is doing, that it’s easily worth ten times what I’m charging.


            In fact, I don’t want to “water down” these insider secrets by flooding the market, that’s why you MUST take action now, before I close this for good.


And Here’s My Rock Solid Guarantee:


            I insist on two guarantees; the first is UN-conditional. Review everything for thirty full days, and if you don’t agree it’ll increase your income 10-times, and if you aren’t immediately dealing with real Sellers, real Buyers, and real deals, please return it for a full refund.


            If it’s “wrong” for you, if you’re not going to use it, don’t keep it. Get your money back.

            The second is CONDITIONAL. It is an extra guarantee, for those people who have Real Estate businesses up and running within the next 90 days. Within 3 full months, if you can demonstrate that you honestly tried this system and haven’t profited by at least $10,000.00 as a result, you just show us what you did, and you can return it and still get a full refund.

            That means you have up to 90 full days FREE PREVIEW AND USE.

            And of course, the reason I’m offering such an awesome guarantee is because I know how well it will work for you, and how much you have to gain.

           I also know how hard it can be to take that first step, so this way I’m taking a risk on YOU, not the other way around.

            Regardless of your financial condition or experience, you have an opportunity to get out of the rat race, and see how the rich live, think, and grow as people.


            Wouldn’t you like to learn how you can join us very quickly?


This Is No Game.

This Is The Real Deal.


            Do this now, before the dream stealers take another shot at beating you down.


            This course is not about making more work for yourself, it’s about giving yourself the tools you need to take back control, and giving you the system that turns your Investing from a struggle into massive wealth.


            Heck, it’s even tax deductible. Even your Uncle Sam wants you to Invest in your education!


            So click here and make this very moment a turning point in your life.


            Wouldn’t it be a good idea to do this now, with someone who’s been there and done it, looking out for you, willing to take you by the hand, keep you safe while you better your life?


            I can help you fix your past the mistakes, and I can definitely help you prevent future ones. But you've got to make the next move, I can’t do this alone, and neither can you.


            If you’re going to just sit on the sidelines and watch this incredible Real Estate Market pass you by, I have to ask you something…


            If not now, when? If not me, who?


            Besides, it either works great and you’re a huge success, or you get every penny back. It really isn’t a life threatening decision, is it?


            But this much I know with absolute certainty...


It's A Life Changing Decision!



P.S. The “7 Day Sale” Training and Coaching Package is everything you need to find high profit “Pretty House” deals, sell off those “problem” properties, and give you passive income from 5 different income streams.


            Plus you’ll be confident and stress-free because you’ll never be afraid of getting stuck with a house you can’t get rid of.


            You’ll be getting over $15,000 worth of Training, Coaching, and Bonuses… for pennies on the dollar- when you decide to join me and a group of some of the smartest Investors in the world in a truly life-changing journey.


            Plus, if it’s not everything I say it is and more, you don’t lose a nickel. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!


            That’s the kind of Investment I like-No Risk, BIG Rewards!


            So take action now- click here to add it to your cart, and make today the start of something very special.